Jamaica prepares for Hurricane Matthew

As Hurricane Matthew remains a powerful Category 4 hurricane moving in a north-western direction over the Caribbean Sea, Hurricane warnings remain in effect for Jamaica and Haiti.

Reports from the National Hurricane Center (NHC) indicated that maximum sustained winds are near 145 mph (233 km/h) with higher gusts.

According to the Jamaica meteorological office, Outbreaks of heavy showers and thunderstorms are expected to continue today and into Tuesday, as Hurricane Matthew approaches the island.

Matthew is expected to produce excessive rainfall especially over eastern parishes, with the greatest accumulations likely over higher elevations of Portland, St. Thomas and St. Andrew.

Hurricane Matthew, the 5th named hurricane of the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane season, was formed near the Windward Islands on September 28, 2016. As a Tropical Storm, Matthew impacted Barbados, Dominica, Saint Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines on Wednesday September 28, 2016.

Meantime the due to Hurricane Matthew Caribbean Airlines has been forced to cancel a number of its flights in and out of Jamaica.

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