Legal Affairs Minister Says Police Commissioner Stays

Despite calls made by the opposition United Progressive Party, for the country’s Police Commissioner to step down from his position, the country’s Legal Affairs Minister says Wendell Robinson will stay.

During a press conference at the UPP’S Headquarters on Monday, the party’s Deputy Leader Senator Jacqui Quinn called for Robinson to voluntarily step down from the helm of the Police Force in light of the ongoing probe into a Police Officer’s alleged involvement with a 13 year old.

She claimed that if this is not done, the confidence and moral in Antigua and Barbuda Royal Police Force will be severely lowered, however, this was not an accurate assertion according to the Minister of Legal Affairs.

Steadroy Benjamin told ZDK News that the call was premature and unwarranted, particularly because of no evidence was provide to link the commissioner to the case.

“I have been informed that many persons are calling for the Police Commissioner to remove himself at this particular point in time, in my view, that call is immature and completely unwarranted especially there is no evidence that the Commissioner of Police had anything to do with what transpired,” he said.

Benjamin said that he has full assurance that both the Police Force and its commissioner will do justice in every case brought before them. He added that it is unfortunate trend for persons within the community to call for persons to resign without providing evidence on their apparent involvement in a matter.

“It’s unfortunate that people in this country have a way of trying to call for people to resign and to remove from their office when there is not a speck of evidence which implicates the Commissioner of Police in any matter whatsoever. I have full faith in the Commissioner of Police, I have full faith in the Police Force and I know that they will do justice in every thing which comes before them,” the Minister added.

The allegations are that the police officer molested the female minor in July and September of this year. She reportedly told her father of the incidents after trying to break off the illegal relationship but was threatened by the man. The policeman reportedly fled the country and went back to his homeland in St. Vincent and the Grenadines after being tipped off.

An arrest warrant has been issued for the policeman.


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