Minister of Legal Affairs announces news measures for Police Officers

Minister of Legal Affairs the Hon Steadroy Cutie Benjamin has announced that a number of initiatives will be put in place to assist members of the Police organization cope with personal matters in order to effectively carry out their duties.

Minister Benjamin who was speaking during an interview with ZDK on Wednesday said that specific interventions will be implemented for all law enforcement agency personnel.

This comes after concerns were raised as to how personal issues affect the judgement of Police Officers.

Meantime the Minister said that plans are in place to increase police patrol in certain areas that seem to be the target for masked men.

This comes after a number of sexual offence reports have been received and a particular trend has been identified by the police, which suggest that male perpetrators wearing black masks are venturing to break into the homes of female residents and committing the act.

As a result Minister Benjamin said that increased police patrol will be present in areas known for being targets of such practice.

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