Ministry of Health to acquire new Mobile Mammography Unit

In the midst of Breast Cancer awareness week, the Ministry of Health is acquiring a Mobile Mammography Unit that will travel from village to village, and within certain identified communities in an effort to encourage more women to undertake breast exams.

That is according to the Minister of Health the Hon Molwyn Joseph who spoke to ZDK news this morning.

Breast cancer is treatable when discovered early and according to Minister Joseph, a roaming mammography unit would assist in making early screening available to many more women than ordinarily would pursue the examination before a cancer become evident.

He said that The Ministry of Health is determined to cause a considerable reduction in the number of breast cancer cases that end in more severe and costly treatment, by enabling early discovery through breast examinations. The Mammography unit will assist in this venture said Minister Joseph.

The Ministry of Health will also be coordinating closely with Breast Friends and other non-government organizations and community groups with an interest in encouraging breast examinations.

The Minister was unable to give an official date in which the initiative would be implemented but he said by next month he would be traveling to London to receive more information.

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