New Ministry of Health Headquarter officially re-opened

The Ministry of Health has officially re-opened its new headquarters at the bottom of high and Long Street.

Minister of Health the Hon Molwyn Joseph while speaking on ZDK’s Your Views this morning said the decision was made to re-open the old administration building as a means of salvaging what once housed the Ministry.

According to Minister Joseph, the historic building was condemned and was to be demolished to make way for a car park by the previous administration; however he had different plans when he rescued the building which has once again become the headquarters for Ministry of Health.

 The re-opening ceremony which was held on Sunday also saw the unveiling of a plaque and re-dedication of a square in honor of the 39ers who assisted in making Antigua and Barbuda what it is today.

During the ceremony the Health Minister spoke about the process of repairing the historic monument.

Prime Minister the Hon Gaston Browne also gave his remarks on what he described as an acknowledgment of many of the country’s on song heroes.

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