Panelists discuss the prevalence of Prostitution in Antigua and Barbuda

As the week to bring awareness of the scourge of Human Trafficking comes to an end the spot light was once again thrown on the prevalence and challenges of the eradication of prostitution in Antigua during a discussion on Observers Big Issue on Sunday.

During his contribution to the debate, Staff Officer of the Police Commissioner Superintendent Atlee Rodney cited that although prostitution is illegal the laws are outdated and therefore needs to be amended for more effective enforcement.

Another panelist, psychologists Joan Michelle Bendubwa posited (Po-si-ted) that the high incidence of prostitution on the island should be blamed on our value system among society.

However this view was not totally bought into by another panelist on the program, Public Relations Officer for the Professional Organisation of Women in Antigua and Barbuda D Giselle Issac who noted that prostitution has been around for a while with the same value system which is reflected by ole calypso such as Gene and Dinah (Di-na).

She therefore suggested that one of the ways to reduce this scourge is to beef up the laws relating to human smuggling which goes hand in hand with prostitution.

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