Principal Uses Death of Student to Advise Student Drivers to be Vigilant

Rudolph Davis, Principal of the St. Joseph’s Academy (SJA) has used the tragic death of one of his students to caution student drivers to be vigilant when using the nation’s roadways.

Davis was speaking moments after 15 year old Frankie Francois of Hodges Bay; a 4th form student of the St. Joseph Academy lost his life in a traffic collision on Thursday morning.

The SJA Principal said his peers and other students should use the tragedy as a time of reflection on the vulnerability of life and pleaded with them to be more careful.

“We have got to use even this as a learning experience and a time for growth. We have asked them to cry and rally around each other but they also can use it as a learning experience because many of us are drivers, pedestrians and passengers and it can befall us so we need to be more careful when using the roadways. We can use it as a time to see how precious life is and to reflect,” he said.

Reports are that around 6:40 am the 15 year old, who is neither the owner of a license nor a learner’s permit, lost control of the white Nissan Xtrail, license #A29224 he was traveling in, and crashed into a nearby wall near the Woods mall.

Eyewitnesses say that the vehicle caught on fire but was put out after throwing dirt on the blaze. They say that the teen remained unresponsive following the crash.

ZDK News understands that the vehicle, to which Francois was the sole occupant, was so badly damaged that it took the Jars of Life to remove him from the totaled vehicle. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Police reports indicate that the crash transpired just hours prior to him taking up the vehicle unknown to his family after being verbally scolded by his mother for his unacceptable academic performances.

15 year old Frankie Francois was the country’s 6th road fatality.



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