Shoppers are reporting positive response after 3 months of plastic bag ban

After three months since the government implemented a ban on the importation of plastic bags and the distribution of renewable bags at major supermarkets, the feedback from the initiative has been relatively positive.

General manger of Epicurean Fine Foods, Richard Buoni, weighed in on the initiative, stating that after more than ninety days since the July 1st ban went into effect, the transition has been nothing but smooth sailing for the Supermarket Giant.

Buoni said that in addition to the reusable shopping bags, Epicurean is also offering the brown biodegradable paper bags for shoppers to use as a second alternative if they can’t afford the cloth bags.

A few shoppers also voiced comments on the ban. According to Tony Armstrong, for him it was long overdue and he is eagerly anticipating the ban of Styrofoam products.

Also Young Kissanka Boston is of the view that everybody benefits from use of less plastic bags.

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