The month of October has been declared Road Safety Month

President of the Antigua and Barbuda Road Safety Group Alice Ho-Tack in collaboration with the Antigua & Barbuda Transport Board and the Royal Police Force has declared the month of October as Road Safety Month.

After six months of Zero Fatalities we have suddenly recorded 5 road fatalities within three months.

According to a release, the group is calling on all stakeholders to raise awareness through education and the media, and to advise the public to be extremely cautious with the current state of the roads, as they’re in a deplorable state following the recent floods and tropical storms.

According to Ho-Tack the group has volunteered to donate signs particularly for Jonas Road which is uneven and motorist must be warned to slow down and drive cautiously.

The roads must be shared by motorist and pedestrians, however due to the lack of sidewalks the group is advising motorist to reduce speed and slow down giving way to pedestrians.

The release states that the Road safety campaign continues to educate and inform the nation on the key risk factors relating to speeding, seatbelt use, child restraints seats, helmet use, cell phone use, driving under the influence of alcohol and stray animals.

Antigua & Barbuda has seen the highest recorded road fatalities in over a decade with 13 persons who have fallen victims to road accidents in 2015, not forgetting the many more injured or disabled.

Antigua and Barbuda Road Safety Group said they intend to continue raising awareness through education at schools, through social media, Radio & Television and praying for the safety of all road users.

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