Tourism Minister calls on Hotel Mogul to retract statements

Tourism Minister the Hon Asot Michael has called on Hotel Mogul Robert Barrett, Chairman of the highly successful Elite Island Resorts Group to withdraw comments made in regards to the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority (ABTA).

In August Rob Barrett threatened to redirect the special 2 per cent of the Antigua & Barbuda Sales Tax (ABST) unless the ABTA provides more information concerning its objectives and spending.

He went on to state that it is a national disgrace that there are no statements given by the ABTA on their activities and spending of resources provided by the people of Antigua & Barbuda.

However Minister Michael who addressed the issue while speaking during today’s parliamentary session said that the chairman’s statements which raised unnecessary concern about the ABTA and may have severe impact on the country’s investment opportunity were in fact inaccurate.

He said Mr. Barratt ought to have known better given his experience and expertise in the tourism industry.

The Tourism Minister further went on to give details on the operations at the ABTA which ensures the effectiveness of the tourism Authority.

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