UPP secures additional votes in Mock election

The Opposition United Progressive Party has secured an additional four constituencies in the recently held Simulated or Mock Elections which were tied when the Free and Fair Election League conducted it initial elections in August.

In the initial exercise the UPP won nine seats, the ABLP won three while the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM) secured only one out of the seventeen seats.

In the remaining four constituencies to include the All Saints West, St John’s Rural South, St Mary’s North and St Phillips North there was an equality of vote.

As a result said the Chief Elections Officer Bishop Rolston Jeffery who was speaking on ZDK’s Your Views this morning, the Free and fair Election League made a decision to hold a by-election to break the tie.

Software Developer of Data Management Solutions Laurence Jardine gave an overview of the results coming out of the Bi-Elections.

He said that in St John’s Rural South, where there were 29 voters originally, an additional 13 brought the number up to 42 voters. In St Mary’s North, an additional 21 voters brought the previous number of 36 up to 57 and St Phillip’s North rose from 7 to 17 votes.

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