WAR President Says Police Should Provide Answers to Father of Alleged Assaulted Minor

The head of the lobby group Women Against Rape (WAR) says that police officials should be hasty in providing answers to the father of a 13 yr old girl, who was allegedly violated by a police officer.

President Alexandrina Wong said that the father, whose name has not been disclosed because of the matter being a sexual offence, should not be left out of the loop in regards to any development in the alleged crime.

She was speaking in light of the father’s frustration after learning that the accused had left the island despite the report being filed against him.

“If a father is crying out on behalf of his girl child for justice, he has every right to do so. I caution him, speak to the officials, whether it is the Police Commissioner, the DPP, whoever it is, speak to those people to find out if there is a delay, what is the cause…..they owe us an answer and so that father if he has questions somebody is suppose to answer his questions,” she said.

Wong said that normally, related matters are not reported because of fear and threats, adding that she has had experience similar cases in her line of duty. She said the organization has acted on behalf of the victims and have been met with both positive and negative responses from local authorities.

“A number of related matters tend not to be reported because of the humiliation, because of the embarrassment and also because of fear, they are fearful that they could be victimized one way of the other. What I have found (through my experience) in some police stations I must say I have gotten great feedback but there have been other instances persons feel as if we’re trying to tell them how to do their work,” the President continued.

The WAR President strongly advised individuals who would have made similar reports to the police to follow up and gather necessary information in the process.

She said the police accused of violating the minor should be brought back to Antigua as the investigations continue.

” The person should be here for the investigation to be carried out in a particular manner to stand up and speak for themselves so yes by all means, the person should be brought back,” she said.

The matter was reportedly filed last Thursday to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) after the father said he observed a change of behaviour in his 13 year old daughter.

The allegations are that the police officer molested the female minor in July and September of this year. She reportedly told her father of the incidents after trying to break off the illegal relationship but was threatened by the man.

Since then a special investigative team has been assigned to conduct investigations into the matter. The Police Administration confirmed that the alleged offender is currently off-duty on sick leave.


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