“Anger is Root Cause for the Spate of Crimes” Says Prison Counselor

With the recent fatal shooting aboard he coral ark and the number of reported incidents of persons being held at gunpoint concerns have been raised amongst the general public as to what may be the underlying cause for these incidents.

In an Interview on ZDK Your Views this morning, Bishop Rolston Jeffery, a counselor at Her Majesty’s Prison, gave some insight as to what he thinks may be the root cause of these issues. In his opinion, the root cause stems from an angry nation.

“The whole of Antigua is angry, that’s a fact and when we become angry we become unreasonable and we behave in an irrational manner, the question is how do we deal with that anger when it comes around? …In all of this, uncontrolled anger can lead to bitterness and when a person becomes bitter, there is no telling what that person can do,” she noted.

According to the Anger Management expert, there is a desperate need for proper rehabilitation for persons who may have experienced grief in some way, especially for individuals who may have been through the prison system.

” Any person can be rehabilitated but it has to be a process and the basis to me is the spiritual asset of that person. The change has to come from inside out not vice versa and except that person is changed with a new heart and a new way of thinking, they are not rehabilitated. Transformation is there for everyone but until we accept the fact that we need help and in need of a savior, it won’t happen..that’s the bottom line,” he noted.

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