Chief Health Inspector Says New Machine Will Revamp Vector Control

Vector control is expected to be revamped in Antigua and Barbuda.

This is due to the recent addition of a new and upgraded fogging machine to the Health Ministry’s list of equipment used to eradicate mosquito’s and by extension diseases spread by the vectors.

Lionel Michael, Chief Health Inspector described the powerful machine as important in the ministry’s quest to eradicate the Zika virus. He was speaking on state owned media when he made the comment.

“We got a new mounted fogging machine from PAHO which is more powerful and can release more fog than the smaller ones. It is a very important machine to be used against the fight against ZIKA,” he said.

The first case of the ZIKA virus was confirmed earlier this year and there have been several other cases since, many believed to have gone unreported.

The Chief Health Inspector said that since the outbreak of the disease in the Caribbean, the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) has been assisting countries to receive equipment to combat the virus.

And as it relates to the latest statistics on ZIKA cases in the country, Michael said that according to collected reports, the Aedes Egypti mosquito population is decreasing.

“We have a lot of suspected cases but what I think is more important is the statistics based on the level of mosquito infestation of the Aedes Egypti and that continues to go down,” he noted.



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