Christmas Barrel Initiative to begin in a matter of Weeks

In a matter of weeks, residents on island can once again look forward to benefitting from the annual duty concession on barrels at the port.

The subsidy which will begin on the 1st of December, will run for just over a month, and will see participants paying $10.00 per barrel plus a 10 per cent Revenue Recovery Charge on the value of the contents.

Comptroller of Customs Raju Boddu while reminding residents that they will only be able to import food items, clothing and toiletries warned that if any other items are found, the entire barrel will be charged as a commercial barrel.

Customers can qualify for the Christmas Barrel Initiative by importing barrels within the time period December 1 through January 6.

According to Boddu, the programme, which was first introduced by the United Progressive Party (UPP); and continued by the Gaston Brown Administration is the government’s way of putting a smile on the faces of residents during the Christmas season.

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