Former Prime Minister Sir Lester is Discharged

National Hero and Former Prime Minister and Sir Lester Bird has been discharged from the hospital.

ZDK News was reliably informed that he was released on Monday and is now at home recovering.

Sir Lester spent three days at the Medical Services Associates Clinic after being rushed to the clinic in a semi-conscious state in an ambulance on Friday.

According to a family member “He had a bad bout of the flu and was severely dehydrated and due to him being extremely diabetic the doctor did not take any chances.”

The 78 year old politician has been hospitalised twice in recent years reportedly due to his unstable blood sugar levels.

Sir Lester’s Health has been far from perfect as he has fallen ill on more than one occasion.

He is currently in the care of several government-paid assistants approved by cabinet since June 2014 to be at his service.



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