Government called upon to Strengthen Snail Eradication Measures

The Government is being called upon to heighten its Snail Eradication efforts as the Giant African Snail continues to affect the productivity of farmers around the island.

Vernard Nickles, a farmer at Christian Valley said that it has been quite challenging dealing with the Giant African Snail which has become even more rampant in areas such as Clare Hall and New Wintropes.

He said that given the topography of Christian Valley the presence of the snails are extensive. He is therefore calling on the government to provide farmers with the necessary items to eliminate the threat.

Meantime efforts are being made to find alternative methods to eliminate the Giant African Snail.

That is according to Medical Officer with responsibility for epidemiology in the Ministry of Health Dr Anju Smith who is currently conducting a small farmer field school in an effort to find different ways of controlling the African snail.

She said that the fight against the Giant African snail is indeed winnable if eradication efforts continue.

Initially the Plant protection Unit indicated that the snails can be found in 20 locations around the island however that number has increased tremendously impacting even more farmers within the country.

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