Government to finance LIAT

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda will be investing more than half a million dollars into LIAT to help improve difficulties currently being faced by the cash strapped airline.

According to the Government’s Chief of Staff Lionel Hurst the government is required to pay a total of $8 million EC dollars. Hurst who was speaking on ZDK’s Your Views on Thursday said the Gaston Browne administration will be paying in the region of EC$650,000 within the next couple days.

The Chief of Staff said that all Shareholder Governments of LIAT are required to pay an amount in hopes of recovering the airline. Hurst said that Antigua and Barbuda is paying in the region of 8 million as a result of its percentage ownership.

In addressing recent suggestions made for the twin island state to purchase majority shares in LIAT, Hurst said that it is a decision that Barbados, being the majority shareholder, must agree to.

This comes after residents in Antigua and Barbuda and several other Caribbean islands were affected by another round of flight cancellations and delays.

High winds in St. Vincent last Saturday resulted in an aircraft being grounded at the ET Joshua Airport. This resulted in passengers being unable to leave St. Vincent and the airline’s crews were also out of place which impacted other flights.

According to a release issued on Wednesday, LIAT’s management confirmed that the cancellations were as a result of the unexpected weather conditions.

LIAT also indicated that this week the inclement weather resulted in flooding and closure of the ET Joshua airport on Wednesday which affected many customers throughout the region. In the press release LIAT’s Management said they are working to restore normalcy to its network schedule.

LIAT also assures passengers that it is working feverishly to ensure that all those displaced are accommodated by rerouting flights, providing meals and accommodations, or by booking passengers on alternative airlines where possible.

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