Late Mickey Mathew credited for the establishment of ZDK

Owner of Grenville Radio, Ivor G.T Bird has credited the late Campbell Mickey Mathew, one of Antigua and Barbuda’s Broadcasting Pioneers for the establishment of ZDK Radio.

Mathew passed away on Wednesday after being rushed to the Mount St John’s Medical Center. He apparently fell ill while having lunch with his wife around 1pm yesterday afternoon.

After receiving news of his death Mr Bird reminisced on his relationship with Matthew and the role he played in the establishment of ZDK.

Mr Bird said that he was saddened when he heard of the passing of one of his great friends and business associate.

Mickey Mathew who was born 1936 played a tremendous role within the broadcasting field. He was also appointed General Manager of ABS radio and television from 1971 to 1976.

Last year Mathew was also bestowed the National Honour of Officer of the Most Illustrious Order of Merit.

Campbell Mickey Mathew died at the age 80.

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