Political analyst calls for speedy resolution of UPP internal issue

Political Analyst Arvil Grant has weighed in on the latest development in the political saga between Joanne Massiah and the leadership of United Progressive Party (UPP).

Grant who was a guest on Observer Radio’s Voice of the People said unless swift actions are taken to reunify members of the party and to put an end to the dispute, this may be the end of the relationship between Massiah and the party.

Grant said it is unfortunate that the UPP has to deal with such internal dispute and raised the question concerning what impact this matter could have on their chances leading up to the next General Election.

The Political Analyst said that as it relates to a third party being formed as a result of this dispute, the possibility is clear and will likely be a political nightmare for Harold Lovell.

Meantime Embattled MP Joanne Massiah said she will be contesting in the next General Elections despite attempt by the United Progressive Party (UPP) to replace her.

Massiah who was speaking on ZDK’s Your Views on Tuesday said she will be defending her seat in the upcoming election.

The Member of Parliament for All Saints East & St Luke also indicated that her suspension from all activities was a calculated attempt to replace her in the constituency with the Political Leader Harold Lovell.

The UPP and Messiah have been at a limbo since her decision to opt out of the leadership race for the party in 2015 and she was further suspended for her actions towards the party following the leadership race dispute.

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