Port Workers Accused of Stealing

A disgruntle resident has called for tighter security to be implemented at the Antigua Port authority after some of her imported items were reportedly stolen while at the port.

The woman who called in to ZDK’s Your Views this morning, claimed that after taking her barrel home on Wednesday, she realized that a number of items which she had purchased while abroad, was missing.

“One of the things that the port needs to get on top of is stealing. I received my barrel yesterday from my trip that I did in October and I have all my receipts to prove how many and what items were bought, they’ve stolen things out of my barrel and my heart is heavy…I am going to get in contact with the authority from the port because I want a refund for my things,” the individual said.

Responding to the accusation was Chairperson of the Antigua & Barbuda Port Authority Senator Mary Claire Hurst who offered an apology for the incident.

She said that once it has been confirmed that an employee has been engaging in such activities they will be immediately removed from the job.

” I want to sincerely apologize but what I will say to you is that anytime we find anyone of our workers stealing anything for a customer they are going home forthwith because it is a part of the Port Authority Act…you cannot be caught stealing an remain there,” she said.

According to the Chairman, the warehouse where imported items are stored does not have security cameras nor is it used solely by port workers which make it difficult to determine who may have been the culprit.

ZDK News also contacted head of security down at the port Mr. Jason Roberts, to determine whether or not security checks are done before employees and other individuals leave the port. He told ZDK News that it is possible for any individual to remove items from the compound without being caught because there are no security checks presently at the port.

The Chairman assured however that once individuals can prove that items have been stolen, then they will be compensated. She said that there is going to be a policy directive implemented which will see routine surveillance being done at the port’s warehouse.




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