Soldier accused of breaking into Prime Minister’s home walks free

Charges have been dropped against the soldier who was accused of breaking into Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s home while he was on vacation with his family in August.

22 year old Xavier Baltimore had all charges dropped against him on Wednesday as a result of PM Browne’ s decision to not pursue the prosecution of the solider.

Police Commissioner Wendel Robinson confirmed that the case was withdrawn on Wednesday, on his advice, after the Prime Minister and his family indicated that they had no interest in pursuing the matter in the court.

PM Browne said “The intent is not to turn him into a hardened criminal. If he did it, we all make mistakes as human beings, and I hope he will use this as a learning experience, assuming he was guilty. For us, we have no interest in incriminating him. We, however, expect the Defense Force to investigate and take appropriate disciplinary action, and hopefully he will stay on the straight and narrow path.”

Baltimore of Golden Grove who joined the Defense force in May of this year was slapped with the charge of breaking and entering after evidence reportedly proved his involvement in the Prime Minister home break-in.

Items to include laptops and I-pads went missing from the property.

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