UPP receives new Deputy Political Leader

The United Progressive Party has received a new Deputy Political Leader in the person of Wilmoth Daniel, a long standing Member of Parliament for the St Phillip South Constituency.

Daniel, who replaced former deputy leader Jacqui Quinn, said he’s a man with wealth of experience in politics and he believes that he brings to the whole process an individual who can win friends and influence people.

“I am a man with a wealth of experience in politics. I am a man who regards himself as a grassroots politician who loves people, and like to lift people up instead of keeping them down. I believe that I bring to the whole process an individual who can win friends and influence people”

The newly appointed Deputy Political leader said that in an effort to harness new supporters, changes are in order for the UPP.

Meantime Government’s Chief of Staff Lionel Hurst is of the opinion that MP Joanne Massiah would have been a more suitable candidate for the position.

Hurst who was speaking on ZDK’s Your Views this morning described Harold Lovell’s decision to appoint Daniel as a mistake stating that Massiah is a more suited candidate.

Massiah was suspended from the main opposition party via a letter dated October 23rd due to her conduct in the party over the past year.

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