Youth Rally Committee issue’s apology to Ottos Comprehensive School

An apology has been issued to Ottos Comprehensive School for being wrongfully disqualified from the Cheerleading Competition held as part of the Independence Youth Rally 2016.

The apology issued on Wednesday in a press release came following a meeting held on Wednesday, involving officials from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ottos Comprehensive School and the Youth Rally Steering Committee, convened to discuss the matter.

The unavailability of the group to select their position in the competition at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Ground (SVRCG) last Thursday led to team OCS’s disqualification. However, according to Director of Education Mr. Clare Browne, the team should not have been held responsible, since there were circumstances beyond their control.

In a joint statement with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the Youth Rally Committee outlined, “We are deeply sorry for any grievance caused to the Ottos Comprehensive School.  This committee is certainly cognizant of the sacrifice and effort made in preparation for this year’s competition.”

The press release states that moving forward, the committee  along with the Director of Education have put systems in place to prevent a recurrence of what transpired last week.

A sub-committee will be formed; representatives from each participating school to examine the rules and regulations governing competitions, and on competition day, an independent team of adjudicators will be in place to serve as mediators in the event in case of any breach of competition rules.


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