Dee’s Service Station Murder Convict receives 25 Years

Almost 5 years after the shooting death of Dorothy Prince, the gas station attendant who was gunned down at the Dee’s Service Station, one of the men involved in the killing has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Omari Phillip was one of the four men who was named in the robbery of the service station on February 17th, 2012 which led to the mother of one being shot and killed.

Justice Keith Thom, who presided over the case, said the sentence was granted with no time being shaved off except for that spent on remand because he showed no remorse for the integral part he played in the killing.

The murder accused was one of the two men armed with a gun on the night of the incident. He also provided the tint for the rental vehicle used as the getaway car, and helped to disburse and count the stolen cash.

The three other men involved are Dion “Ticks” Thomas who is said to have been the one to have fired the shot that killed Prince, dismissed Police Constable Gideon Jackson and ex-soldier Timorie Elliott.

Thomas died in custody before the beginning of the trial while Jackson and Elliott were sentenced to 12 and 23 years in prison respectively.

They received credit for showing remorse and for the time spent on remand.

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