FSRC says country’s Gaming Sector needs proper promotion

Director of Gaming at the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC) Glynn Grummett says that Antigua and Barbuda’s Gaming Sector lacks proper promotion and methods which allow the country to create the demand.

Grummett, who was a guest on Sunday’s edition of Observer Radio Big Issues Program, said that in order to put Antigua and Barbuda’s Gaming Sector back on the map, persons must be aware of what the twin island state has to offer, when it comes to Gaming.

According to the Prime Minister, under whom the gaming portfolio falls, the new Act seeks to strengthen existing legislations to cover a wide range of policy issues including compulsive, fraud, and money laundering.

The new legislation will also see the creation of a new regulatory body with a specific mandate outside of the FSRC.

The Gaming Director said that the new board is exactly what the Gaming sector needs to increase its marketing efforts as the FSRC is unable to do such.

This comes after Prime Minister Gaston Browne presented the final reading of the Gaming Bill 2016 in the Upper House of Parliament on Thursday.

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