Government takes strict action against Gasoline Supplier, Rubis

The Gaston Browne administration will be taking strict action against Gasoline supplier, Rubis following attempts to close several gas stations that operate under its umbrella.

According to reports from Cabinet, the French company which leases gas stations to Antigua and Barbuda entrepreneurs has written to the lessees indicating that they must quit their premises by January 1, 2017.

However in defense of those national entrepreneurs who have faithfully operated gas stations and have met their obligations to the supplier, Rubis, the Cabinet has condemned the intended actions of the wholesaler.

According to Telecommunication Minister Melford Nicholas the Cabinet has decided to implement a policy to ensure that Gasoline suppliers and wholesalers are forbidden to operate at the retail level.

It is indicated that Cabinet interprets the action contemplated by Rubis as its response to a refusal by the Government to allow Rubis an increase in its per-gallon-margin.

The Telecommunication Minister said the attempt by the gasoline company to squeeze the operators could lead to a monopoly in the distribution of Petroleum product.

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