Leading QC Comments on Threatening Video

One of the Caribbean’s leading QC has weighed in on the much circulated video by caretaker representative of the United Progressive Party (UPP) George Whenner.

Speaking during Sunday’s edition of ZDK’s Open Forum, Senior Queens Counsel Anthony Astaphan spoke of the seriousness of the video which he views as highly threatening adding that the act as he sees it constitutes a serious crime.

“The fact that somebody could think, as a supposedly person who is not insane, to concoct a video like that with bullets clearly firing with a bulls-eye target and gunshots going off immediately after at the forehead of the Prime Minister and other Ministers tells me that there is something wrong with this man’s head”

“To craft it in a way that clearly constitutes a threat to life and if not a direct personal threat, the incitement to threat, the seriousness and the genuinely disturbing affect having watched it tells me that clearly they can be no issue of a criminal offense being committed,” he said.

According to the Senior Counsel the act in itself brings into question Whenner’s fitness to hold public office.

“The fact the somebody who is not insane can do that, who wants to be in public’s office and using the language that he did was absolutely shocking and as the American’s would say “immediately disqualified”. he noted.

The former Defense Force Captain turned himself over to the Police on Monday accompanied by two attorneys, Leon Chakku Symister and Charlesworth Tabor.

No charges have been laid against Whenner and according to Police Spokesperson Senior Sergeant Frankie Thomas who spoke with ZDK News, it is still too soon to tell if the politician will be charged after violating provisions of the Electronic Crimes Act and or the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

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