Police Issue Crime Tips for Christmas Season

With the Christmas Season already upon us, the safety and security of everyone becomes paramount on the minds of the police at this time. Hence, the police have issued a number of Crime Prevention and Safety Tips that can prevent you from becoming a victim of a crime.

  • First, one MUST always pay attention to what’s happening around them, and always be on the alert.
  • Beware of “Pickpockets” or “Bag-snatchers” during this Christmas Season.
  • Avoid walking alone in remote and poorly lit areas at nights.
  • It is not advised that one carry around large amounts of cash on their person. Similarly, do not expose large sums of money in the public.
  • Be extremely cautious when using Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s) during the night. If for some reason a stranger offers to assist you at the ATM, refuse the help. This person may very well be trying to deprive you of your money.
  • If you are using the ATM and you experience difficulties inserting your card, STOP and walk away. Find another ATM if it is absolutely necessary. This machine may have been tampered with in order to capture vital information from your card.
  • If, for any reason you are being attacked or robbed, please stay calm and alert as much as possible. Co-operate with your attacker, as this can help you to provide the police with a proper description of your attacker.
  • Be on your alert for counterfeit currencies. There are persons, who will try to pass off counterfeit currencies in exchange for legal currencies or goods and services.
  • Home owners should always ensure that their homes are properly locked and secured; especially before leaving home. Ensure that you use quality locks to secure your property.
  • No one should leave keys in hiding places for other members of the household. This can provide thieves with access into your homes.
  • Wherever it is possible, home owners should leave adequate lighting outside the perimeter of their homes to deter thieves.
  • It is also advisable that proper security and alarm systems be installed in homes and business, where possible. (A Security and Alarm System that is not properly utilized is useless).
  • It is not advisable for business owners go to Night Deposit Boxes alone; especially during the night. Equally, it would be wise of them to rotate the time and route regularly, when depositing money at the bank.
  • Store owners should always be on the alert for “Shoplifters,” and pay close attention to everyone entering or exiting their stores.
  • Vehicle owners are advised to properly lock and secure their vehicles at all times.
  • Do not leave keys hanging in vehicle doors and ignition.
  • Do not leave valuable items inside your vehicles in plain view. This will attract thieves to break into your vehicles.
  • It is also advisable for vehicle owners to park their vehicles in areas that are properly lit.
  • Remember, if you see anything suspicious call the police immediately, or call 911.


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