Police recovers missing teen

The Police have located 13 year-old Evertonia Walsh of Golden Grove who was missing for nearly two weeks.

According to Senior Sergeant Frankie Thomas, the child was located on Sunday afternoon in the Dredge Bay area, and according to investigators an unknown vehicle dropped her off there.

Reports indicate that prior to being found; Walsh was spotted in the Mack Pond area and Point several times last week. Consequently, the police are seeking the public’s assistance in gathering evidence of who may have been harboring the teen.

Thomas reminded members of the public that it is an offense for anyone to receive or harbor a child under the age of 18yrs without proper consent from their parent(s), or any other lawful authority.

Anyone found guilty of committing such an offense can be sentenced up to three years in prison.

Anyone with information regarding where Walsh was being housed between November and Sunday December 4 is being asked to contact the Youth Intervention Unit at 562-8417, or the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913/4.

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