Regulations to Allow Cell Phone Use to be Formulated

The Cabinet has asked the Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin to put in place regulations that will allow inmates at Her Majesty’s Prison to be granted cell-phone services.

According to Cabinet notes, the new initiative was introduced to Cabinet members by Head of Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) Albert Wade, accompanied by two principals of a telecoms firm.

It will not only require a change to the current policy to allow cell-phone-use behind the prison walls, but also to allow the prison mangers to operate prisoner accounts on behalf of those incarcerated at HMP.

Cabinet notes added that the HMP Administration could then allow prisoners access to cell-phone calls on the basis of good behavior.

The notes said that the firm is shortly to enter into contractual arrangements with St. Kitts, St. Vincent, Dominica, the Dominican Republic and Grenada to allow it to provide this same service.

The principals of the firm reported that illegal cell-phone use declined by more than 80% when the system was introduced in Barbados.

The cost will be no more than other carriers charge their regular customers, the Cabinet was told.

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