Road Safety Group raises awareness on Speeding going into 2017

In light of the country’s 7th Road fatality which claimed the life of 22 year old Clevan James, the Antigua and Barbuda Road Safety Group plans to raise awareness on speeding, as it is one of the main risk factors of Road fatalities.

That is according to President of the Road Safety Group & Coordinator of Road Safety Alice Ho-Tack who was speaking to ZDK news this morning.

Ho-Tack said that going into the New Year, the Group will be targeting factors such as speeding and drunk driving which is mainly associated with the Youth.

The Road Safety President said expectations were that the 13 road fatalities recorded for 2015 would be reduced by 50% in 2016, however that was not achieved.

Last Sunday the Road Safety Group hosted a Day of Remembered where Families and Friends paid tribute to the 6 road Fatality victims.

Clevan James’ death brings the country’s road fatalities to seven for 2016. He was said to be leaving a Party when he lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a utility pole in the vicinity of Shell Beach on Sunday.

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