Trio charged in Police Drugs Bust

Three individuals have been arrested and charged in connection to Police Drugs Bust.

29yrs-old Lalumba Benjamin, 31yrs-old Mark Brown and 29yrs-old Tanya Anna-Kay Smiley all of George Street were Jointly charged with Possession of 17.8 grams of Cannabis; Possession of Cannabis with intent to sell; Possession of 8.7 grams of cocaine and Possession of Cocaine with intent to sell.

On Thursday, Narcotics Police Officers executed a Search Warrant on the George Street property and found 23 Ziploc bags containing a quantity of Cannabis, 35 small transparent plastics containing Crack Cocaine, and 18 small plastics with Cocaine Powder.

An undisclosed sum of EC, US and Jamaican currencies were seized during the search. All three people were arrested and taken into police custody along with the items seized.

News Reporter
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