UPP Political leader comments on controversial video

In light of controversy surrounding the circulating video which shows one of the senior members of the United Progressive Party promoting violence against certain members of the government, the Political Leader of the UPP Senator Harold Lovell has given his view on the issue.

Lovell who was speaking during an interview this morning gave his first impression of the video stating that it was inappropriate.

Lovell however downplayed the seriousness of the video stating that anyone who is involve in violent activities such as terrorism would not include half of the content that was presented by Mr. Whenner.

The Political Leader said that the party will not be taking any further disciplinary actions against Mr. Whenner as in his opinion; he has not committed any criminal activity.

During Parliament on Thursday Prime Minister Gaston Browne said that the threats in the video assume credible proportions.

This is so as according to PM Browne, Mr Whenner is a trained soldier, a captain, a commissioned officer well-versed in the use of guns, ammunition and other lethal weapons. In 2010 the Commander of the Antigua Barbuda Defence Force recommended to the Defence Board, headed by the former Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer, that Mr Whenner be retired from the Antigua Barbuda Defence Force in the interest of National Security.

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