Vendors Issued 30 Day Ultimatum to Pay Up on Arrears

Vendors down at the Heritage Quay complex have been given a 30 day ultimatum to clear arrears for occupying vending booths at the complex or be forced out.

According to the aggravated workers, approximately 15 vendors received letters from the St. John’s Development Corporation (SJDC), the body which governs the Heritage Quay complex, outlining that they have until the end of December to clear arrears owed from renting the booths at the complex.

The vendors spoke of their frustration with ZDK News, adding that they continue to be disrespected particularly because no discussion was held between both parties before receiving the letter, today.

One particular vendor said that sales at the Vendors mall are little to none, because of competition from vendors who do not pay rent.

“Their giving tenants letters to go to high court without having a meeting with any of us from the heritage quay complex. For the past month, we haven’t made anything because there is another set of vendors who are over on Nevis Street who are not paying any rent and now bailiffs are coming to us with letters…it is very disturbing and disrespectful to us because nobody came and told us anything,” she quarreled.

Vendors are charged $345 per month for a booth and are offered a discount if payments are made on time. The vendor said that they have been unable to make timely payments due to the slow pace of business.

According to the woman, one vendor has to pay $1500 per month to cover legal fees to prevent being taken to court by the Corporation. She also decried the condition of the complex where vendors have to ply their trade.

“Not even the basic as a fan we have inside the complex, you guys need to see the condition that we work in and  poor little vendors have to go to lawyers to pay $1500 per month…what are we gonna use to hire lawyers if we are not getting any business?” she asked.

ZDK News made several attempts to contact Rohan Hector, Chairman of the St John’s Development Corporation (SJDC) Rohan Hector but was told that he was unavailable.

Other attempts were made to contact another official from the corporation to provide us with some answers but those too proved futile.

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