2017 Throne Speech receives contrasting views

The 2017 Throne Speech has received contrasting views from the government and the Opposition United Progressive Party.

Prime Minister the Hon Gaston Browne who described the content and delivery as excellent said that the Governor General Sir Rodney Williams in deed captured all his government’s successes and plans for the New Year.

“But having listened to the Distinguished Governor General, he  really did not leave anything for me to say cause it turned out to be a mini Throne Speech, very long in content and the delivery was excellent as usual.”

However the annual Speech did not receive all positive ratings as the Opposition Leader of the UPP Baldwin Spencer has described the 2017 Speech as sweet sounding nothings.

He said that the content was what the people have been hearing since the government took office in 2014

“Well let me tell you something, my candid view is that it is sweet sounding nothings at worst and a regurgitation of the theme we have been hearing since 2014 at best.”


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