2nd phase of Barbuda Eye Care Mission underway

The New Year is indeed much brighter for the scores of residents on the sister isle who are currently involved in the final phase of the Barbuda Eye Care Mission.

Phase 2 of the initiative which forms part of government’s continuing efforts to ensure that every individual living in Barbuda gets access to affordable eye care began on January 3rd and will conclude on Saturday.

Matron Cynthia Byers of the Hanna Thomas Hospital while speaking during an interview said she is delighted that the second phase has commence however she is not quite please with the turnout thus far.

Refractionist within the Ministry of Health Raenor Sharpe spoke about the connection between phase 1 which began in September and the second phase of the program.

CCB-Eye Care Caribbean Optometrist and Medical Epidemiologist Khohane Blake also spoke about the impact the program has had on many especially young individuals.

She also gave a word of advice to individuals to pay more attention to their eyes and to get them examined before it’s too late.

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