An Investigation for Missing Funds is Underway at CHAPA

An investigation is underway at the Central Housing and Planning Administration (CHAPA) concerning missing funds used to purchase lands.

According to Cabinet notes, The Directors and Managers of CHAPA provide an update on the performance of the 68 year-old institution to Cabinet on Saturday and reported that accounting records from 2006 to present have disappeared.

The officials also reported that monies, which were collected for several houses sold at Follies were transferred directly to the previous Minister of Housing in the UPP administration.

Governments Spokesperson Lionel Hurst told ZDK News that while it is still too soon to say why the transaction occurred, it is extremely unusual.

“The properties were sold and the monies were actually turned over to a minister of government and that is very unusual, so an investigation is underway and we will find out why exactly a minister of government received money from CHAPA, rather than the funds going to one of the creditors or to the people who actually built the houses,” he said.

Hurst said that the amount of monies transferred in its entirety is not yet determined however, accounting records proves that the transaction occurred.

“I don’t know the precise amount but we do know form the remarks that was shared with cabinet members that the monies were paid directly a minister of government and the accounting record to substantiate the precise amount was not disclosed, at least not at the cabinet meeting,” he disclosed.

He said the name of the Minister will be revealed when the investigation is completed.


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