Antigua and Barbuda to receive multi-million dollar load to continue its fight against Climate Change

The fight against Climate Change has continued very early in the New Year as Prime Minister Gaston Browne is off to Abu Dhabi to sign a project document that will cause more than US$15,000,000 to be transferred to Antigua and Barbuda for the purpose of fighting global climate change.

Antigua and Barbuda was amongst countries in Paris in 2015 which brokered the agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to avoid catastrophic environmental damage.

In April 2016 PM Browne signed the agreement which ensured that Antigua and Barbuda will implement the national climate plans and integrate them into the overall sustainable development plans.

According to Telecommunication Minister Melford Nicholas the loan is to assist in maintaining the government Green Energy Program

Minister Nicholas who was speaking during this week’s Cabinet briefing said that although the government is moving away from the country’s dependency on fossil fuel going forward, the government will not completely eliminate the use of Fossil Fuel generated Energy.

Climate Change continues to be of major concern especially for Caribbean islands like Antigua and Barbuda that are prone to higher temperatures, and rising in sea levels which can lead to catastrophic environmental damage.

The Prime Minister is expected to return to the island on Wednesday, January 18, where he will give a report to the Parliament.

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