Antiguan Cavehill Students Continue to Appeal for Assistance for Wendy Wallace

Family and friends of Antiguan student Wendy Wallace continues to appeal for assistance in meeting the medical expenses of the 21 year old who was involved in a serious vehicular accident in Dominica.

According to close family who spoke with ZDK News, Wendy, who is living in Antigua but is studying law at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill campus, travelled to her country of birth to visit family for the vacation.

While on her way home on January 7th, she was involved in a major car wreck which left a number of her limbs broken.

Public Relations Officer of the Antigua and Barbuda Student Association (ABSA) Ricardo Nedd in an interview earlier today spoke of the severity of her condition.

“Currently Wendy is still hospitalized and I think she will be in the hospital for quite a while. We were talking on the phone yesterday and so far she has two broken legs, she has done a surgery on her right knee and will do a surgery on the left tomorrow (Wednesday) because they were waiting for the swelling to go down because her bone is completely shattered. She also has a broken arm and some broken fingers and a number of other scars about her body,” he said.

The association, since the accident has pleaded with the Antiguan and Barbudan public to make donations to go towards Wendy’s medical care which according to Nedd, is pretty extensive.

“The surgery on her right knee came up to over $9,000 and for the left knee that is also another set of money. She was also telling me that she has to be on five (5) different pain medication daily which amounts to over EC$500 per day and a next cost factor is the cost for the physiotherapist which she needs to see everyday and only God knows how long that has to go on for,” Nedd added.

Nearly a week following Wendy’s accident, a campaign called ‘Helping Wendy to Walk Again’ was started by one of Wendy’s friends on the funding website and has garnered US$3075 of a US $20,000 goal.

President of ABSA Bianca Merchant reiterated the associations appeal to the public to share the link by visiting the groups’ page ABSACavehill on Facebook and to make a donation.

“Financially will be the best way right now but if your of a younger age, you can help us through social media by pushing the link so that organizations who can sponsor will know where to go but for now we’re urging all persons in Antigua and Barbuda and everyone who uses social media to push that link,” she said.

Merchant assured that the ABSA, despite its finical constraints, was determined to start fund-raising as soon as possible adding that discussions have already begun with the Dominica Students Association to assist in fund-raising efforts.

An appeal was also made to the Antiguan and Barbuda Government to assist in meeting the medical expenses of the 21 year old.


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