Culture Minister Defends Government Hosting One Nation Concert

Minister of National Festivals and Culture Paul Chet Greene has defended the government’s move of hosting a One Nation Concert despite a backlash of questions concerning the source of the funds used to host the event.

The concert, which is slated for Saturday January 7th is free of cost for those who attend and will feature local and regional artists.

Residents questioned where the government sourced funding for the concert, in light of the fact that the government is yet to pay outstanding monies owed to several participants in Carnival 2016.

However, Minister Greene dispelled the notion adding that the concert is a strategic move by the government to preserve the culture of Antigua and Barbuda

” We are on a path towards cultural rebirth and even the Citizenship By Investment Program (CIP), it is so important that our culture is sound and strong so that persons from the CIP point of view becoming citizens will know that they are coming into a space where there is a dominant culture that is respected and that the people of the country are determined and deliberate in the preservation and projection of our culture.

So what we’re doing here is something very strategic, deliberate and necessary to preserve our culture in Antigua and Barbuda,” he said.

The minister added that the one nation concept is a new notion adopted by the government as a part of its goal to build a stronger and more culturally based Antigua and Barbuda.

The one nation concert and the concept is something new. We sell the concept to the nation and invite persons to buy into what is intended to promote unity amongst nations which ties into what the Prime Minister Gaston Browne who have spoken to the concept of one nation on more than one occasion,” the minister said.

The concert which begins at 8pm will feature artists such as the original Burning Flames, MNM Music, Queen Thalia and regional artists including Aidonia.

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