Government Pledges to Pay 2016 Carnival Suppliers by End of March

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has pledged to pay all outstanding debts owed to Carnival suppliers of 2016, before the end of March.

According to Cabinet notes, the winners of 2016 mas troupes and others have been paid and the next payments will go to those who provided goods and services to Carnival, under an arrangement with the Festivals Commission.

According to Chief of Staff Lionel Hurst, this is to ensure that a clean slate will mark the commencement of the 60th Carnival for 2017 with suppliers.

“The Government is focusing upon those who provided goods and other kinds of supplies for Carnival 2016 and the Antigua and Barbuda Government through the Festivals Commission tends to ensure that all those who are owed are to be paid by the end of March by the very latest so that when 2017 rolls around, the slate will be wiped clean,” he said.

The Carnival Suppliers will be paid over the next eight weeks or less and the Cabinet indicated its determination to meet its obligations with winners and suppliers shortly after the end of Carnival each year, going forward.


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