Government to adopt legislation to resolve longstanding WTO Gaming dispute

The Government will be adopting legislation consistent with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruling with the aim of resolving the more than 12 year old gaming dispute between Antigua and Barbuda and the United States

The Governor General Sir Rodney Williams who made the announcement said that the proposed legislation will allow Antigua and Barbuda to be compensated.

Sir Rodney said that it was his Government’s view that a settlement would have been achieved before the Obama Administration demits office on January 20, 2017 however that date will soon pass. He said that his Government is optimistic that the new Trump administration will move quickly to settle the matter.

In 2003 authorities in the US applied measures which effectively shut down the lucrative online betting industry in the twin island state, and in 2007, the Dispute Settlement Body of the World Trade Organization ruled that Antigua and Barbuda is entitled to receive US $21 million dollars annually from the United States as compensation after winning an arbitral award.

However that sum has never been paid and according to a release the amount now stands in excess of US$200 million.

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