Government to Follow Through on Acquisition of Grand Royal Antiguan Resort

Government’s Spokesperson Lionel Hurst says the Government will be moving ahead with its promise to acquire the Grand Royal Antiguan Resort, in light of their failure to upgrade the property.

In 2015, the government made true on a promise to acquire the Halcyon Resort and Prime Minister Gaston Browne placed other hotels on notice that they will be next.

According to Hurst, a proposal made by the resort to upgrade the facility was not sufficient and as such, the decision was made.

“The Royal Antiguan came with a plan and their plan was inadequate and we told them that and we have tried our very best to get them to act but they’re not acting, mostly recently we’ve received a letter form them and they’re not acting,” he said.

Hurst, who was speaking during today’s edition of Observer Radio’s Observer PM, said it is the Governments belief that the developers of the resort may be hoping to receive added value for the property following the completion of another major nearby development.

“I think the people at Royal Antiguan is “cooping” as Antiguans and Barbudans refer to it as, they are hoping that the Royalton does great and the value of their property will be increased,” he added.

He said that while the acquisition could have been made in 2016, the government will be going to parliament this year to finalize the deal.

“We’re gonna go to the Parliament and we are going to act to acquire the property. The reason we didn’t go through with it in the winter season is because we didn’t want the 200 rooms or so they have to be off the market but we are going to follow through,” the Chief of Staff said.


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