Health Minister pushes for the implementation of a transplant unit at the Mount St John’s

Health Minister Molwyn Joseph said that he will be pushing for the full implementation of a transplant unit at the country’s marquee healthcare facility.

“What are the next steps? The goal is to develop an affordable and sustainable transplant program for Antigua and Barbuda and the wider region, allowing wider access to this vital service. The program should encourage national and regional self sufficiency; it should ensure the safety of our citizens and prevent commercial transplantation”, the Minister continued.

The St Mary’s North MP also disclosed that legislation will be forthcoming to protect and maintain the high standards and integrity of the country’s transplant program.

“And this is of extremely importance. To draft and enact appropriate legislation which will be intended to ensure the integrity of our transplant program. This is a critical step to provide the legal framework for establishment of a quality living and disease donor transplantation program, transparency of transplant program, prevention of citizens to engage of organ traffic and transplant tourism”, Minister Joseph said.

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