Minister Asot Michael holds wide ranging discussions on renewable energy in the UAE

Minister of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and Energy the Hon. Asot Michael, who is part of the Antigua and Barbuda delegation in Abu Dhabi has been holding a series of bilateral talks with a number of countries including the USA, Germany and India during which he indicated the government’s ongoing efforts in developing renewable energy and emphasized the importance of international support for these efforts to promote renewable energy and to combat global climate change.

A number of countries indicated their interest in working with the Ministry of Energy on areas such as waste to energy, wind and solar power deployment, and energy efficient technology.

The meeting with the USA representative, Melanie Nakagawa, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy Transformation, focused on a proposal for a waste to energy project utilizing the Cooks land fill waste.

The representative of the USA also informed Minister Michael of a $20 million grant that was pledged to the Caribbean and Central America for providing technical analysis.

Discussion were also held with senior officials from the German ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economic Affairs and Energy who indicated their interest in collaborating with Antigua and Barbuda in the provision of technical and financial assistance towards the development of a waste-to-energy facility on Antigua as well as other areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The German officials noted that in addition to bilateral assistance from the German government that cooperation could also extend to providing contacts with German manufacturers of waste-to-energy systems. The representatives also extended an invitation to Minister Michael to attend the annual Energy technology exhibition held in Berlin in March.

Discussions were also held with India, to provide small solar PV systems for the use in schools and clinics. The Representative of India also offered to provide training in Renewable Energy technologies.

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