OECS Praises Antigua & Barbuda for Recent Kidney Transplant

Antigua and Barbuda has received more praises for the recent kidney transplant at the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre.

Speaking on behalf of the OECS Health Forum, Director General of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Dr. Didacus Jules commended the twin island state for the recent landmark medical procedure at the country’s lone hospital.

“I think it is a historic occasion not just for Antigua and Barbuda but the entire OECS. We have had a strong cooperation gong in this sector of health, every week on Tuesdays we have a health forum by virtue of conferencing that involves Ministers of Health or Chief medical officers and we discuss areas of collaboration and initiatives that we need to take jointly in the OECS,” he said.

Dr. Jules, who was speaking during a meeting with the Health Minister the Hon. Molwyn  Joseph on Thursday, noted that following the news of the historic occasion in the country, an opportunity was created to build on that platform.

He said the sub-region is now considering the establishment of a regional organ donor database for future transplants.

“There was very high praise coming from all of the meber states and on that committee ministers, chief medical officers and key partners in health such as CAFA and PAHO and the PAHO representative said that given what has transpired in Antigua and Barbuda we should consider the establishment of a organ donor data base in the OECS so that it will be easy for persons who require such transplants in the future to tap the entire OECS in order to get the support that they require…… so we are in fact going to build on that platform that Antigua has established to take it further with the organ database,” Dr. Jules noted.

Following the eight hour procedure performed last Monday, the Mount St John’s Medical Centre was highly credited for the first successful Kidney Transplant performed on the island.



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