Police Introduce new service Fees

The Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda has announced that with immediate effect, the general public is expected to pay more for services, when conducting business with the police.

According to a release the Police Administration is reporting a fees increase for Firearm Licenses, Lost Passport Reports, Reports on Traffic Accidents, Lost License Plates, Police Certificate of Character (Police Record), Fingerprint, and Permit to Move House. The new fees are as follows:


Firearm Licences- $300

Lost License Plates- $100

Lost Passport Reports- $100

Permit to Move House- $300

Reports of Traffic Accidents- $200

Police Certificate of Character- $25

The general public is therefore asked to take note of the recent changes and to govern themselves accordingly.

Meantime, the police administration has expressed gratitude to the public for the level support and cooperation offered over the years, and pledged to continue to improve upon the close working relationship.

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