Police Probe Crash Landing in Barbuda

A single engine aircraft crash-landed on the runway in Barbuda on Thursday morning.

ZDK News understands that a red and white “Cherokee Warrior,” aircraft with registration #N8862F, left from St. Barth to Antigua then to Barbuda when the incident occurred.
Police reports indicate that the aircraft, piloted by 25yrs old Christopher Greaux of St. Barth, arrived in Antigua at the V.C. Bird International Airport around 7:48 am, and then left to Barbuda around 9:07 am.

It is alleged that at the time of landing in Barbuda, the pilot fell some 14ft short of the runway, which caused the Nose Wheel of the aircraft to collide with the edge of the concrete runway strip. The impact dislodged the front landing gear; forcing the aircraft to veer off to left of the strip, where it came to a halt.

Three passengers to include 29yrs-old Jimmy Greaux, 27yrs-old Marcel DE LaMotte, and 27yrs-old Mathias Aubin, all of St. Barth were on-board at the time of the crash, however all four men walked away from the incident without injuries.

Authorities indicate that despite no major damage being done to the runway, the incident forced airport authorities to close the airport. Normal operations are expected to resume.
The Police and the Fire Department are currently investigating the matter.

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