Police Still Searches for Shooter in Golden Grove Killing

The Police say that they have not have any leads in the recent shooting death of Alba “Bumba” Coates, who succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday morning.

Senior Sergeant Frankie Thomas told ZDK News moments ago that details surrounding the investigations remain the same and that the probe into what transpired on December 26th continues.

It is alleged that the 42 year old along with female companion were asleep at home when they were awoken by the sound of several loud explosions.

The deceased was reportedly shot in his chest and groin area and had to be rushed to the Mount St. Johns Medical Center where he was kept in the Intensive Care Unit up to yesterday morning. The incident occurred around 3:45 am late Monday.

The Police continue to appeal to anyone with information to come forward. They are asked to contact the nearest Police Station or the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913/14.


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